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Every few months, a new battle royal game appears on top of its championship called PC Games. Playernknown's battlefield is the surface of a such game, but actually more complex than most of the movement of the story.

Game designer Brendan Greene, otherwise known as PlayerUnknown, is the mastermind behind this latest release. Previously, he was responsible for the original Battle Royale version of ARMA 2’s DayZ mod and eventually went on to work for Sony Online Entertainment (now Daybreak) to create H1Z1’s King of the Kill. Now, I guess you could say he’s tired of making other people’s games.

PUBG is his ultimate brain child, designed to be the pinnacle of battle royale style games. The world of Battlegrounds is unwelcoming and extremely deadly, so let us walk you through the tips you need to know in order to excel at combat, survival and dominating your competition.

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