Begining To Praise the Streamline

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I know that some do not like this change. But I think it's a good change. No, I do not like the skills to change. But let's talk about another day. Now let's talk about the "blade and soul" to start again. Most of the tasks are streamlined, you really do not have to deviate from anything. And insist on most of the story. The game will provide you with all you need. A key exception. You will kill much less thugs so the upgraded little jewelry is harder in this version of the game. Mainly because you do not have enough material. SO learning trading skills and where to cultivate money. Will help you out there and get you on track.

Being that things are faster and you have more storyline quest to do. This sets you up better freely for going into end game. This lowers the amount of woefully ill-equipped players going into dungeons. It won't magically make people good at dungeons. But at least they will be able to do some kind of damage. In all, they did a very good job making things better in the quality of life. 

This is all synonymous for free to play gamers. You do not need to actually pay anything for all of this. Yes, it will be easier on you, but its very free to play friendly right now. You will not feel any kind of burn on grinding until you reach end game. At that point, you may feel the need to get the monthly sub. But even then you're not forced you can just get friends. And do dungeons for drops thus bypassing the need.

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