Elder Scrolls Online: One Year Anniversary with Discount

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Here is a good news for ESO players. It's been a year since the release of The Elder Scrolls Online's Orsinium expansion, and to celebrate Bethesda are discounting the content by 75% and enacting double loot and other bonuses in-game.

The content itself launched in November last year and was advertised to add an extra 20 hours to the game as well as new areas to play in and explore. Thanks to the anniversary discount, you can pick up the Orsinium DLC for roughly $6.25.

It's worth noting the DLC is also available with Elder Scrolls Online Plus membership, which goes for roughly $15/month.

Bethesda is also making sure double the amount of loot and rewards from world bosses, daily delves, and the Maelstrom arena are all active as part of the event. If you finish the Maelstrom on the veteran difficulty, you'll also receive two Maelstrom weapons as a bonus, too. Orsinium resource nodes will also give out twice the amount of crafting materials whilst the event is active.

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