Online Blessing Is Developing Another Mobile Game

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Korea MMORPG Bless Online is currently the focus of the gaming industry,the Russian server will be shut down for maintenance,the Korean server will merge its server for one year,the Japanese server will start tomorrow CBT 1,NA/EU server is still waiting for Aeria game new campaign.Today, let's find something from the mobile platform-yes, Bless Online is acquiring another mobile game for Unreal Engine 4 at Neowiz!

According to the MMO culture, yesterday, Neowiz announced that it had signed a contract with developer Think Fun for a new mobile phone game based on PC online game Bless. Think Fun is a new studio created by JOYCITY, a global game company, which will use the Unreal Engine 4 to create mobile titles. Unnamed mobile games are currently scheduled to be launched in the first half of next year.

According to our previous reports, leading South Korea has signed a contract with Neowiz Games in 2016 G-Star based on mobile games Bless Online. Leading South Korea will be able to take full advantage of Neowiz's Bless Online assets and technology. Now is the time we want to know what kind of game Bless Online Mobile will have.

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