Savior's Tree Team Answers Player Questions

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Although some players believe that game developers will hear their shouts, and their new game system for the supplement or supplement the problem. While some people did not answer, but a lot of things did, and even tried to provide special ways to give them the answers they wanted. Special development blog, question and answer and interviews help this.

First, they describe what DPK is, or that they refer to the "top-down" project. Initially, the Savior's Tree did not have this system because it could cause the player to wait for a long time to get a project. But now that they have adjusted the system so that the items can be a little easier, you do not have to "pray to the RNG God".

They also discussed a new material store that Savior's tree is considering. In addition, the cost of these projects will not be too large, because they will only be seen in these events. Once more details are resolved, they will come later. Be sure to check out the details of the entire interview.

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