Top 11 Changes Fans Want EA to Make in FIFA 19

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While not yet official, FIFA 19’s inevitable September release date is the worst kept secret in virtual sports - and with half the FIFA community declaring the current edition broken beyond repair (it’s a March tradition), features for next season are being hotly debated. Which is where GR comes in.

below we’ve pooled the best community ideas for FIFA 19 from official forums, third-party sites and social media. 

1. Fine-tune the basics

2. Tweak chemistry and positional changes

3. Proper training modes

4. Rebuild career mode from the ground up

5 … and/or deliver scenario-based career mode play

6. No more squad numbers bug

7. New leagues, beginning with China

8. Stop gamers cashing in on tragedies

9. More tiny details, such as mix-and-match kits

10. Finally fix Pro Clubs

11. Indoor or FIFA Street mode

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