what do we know about FIFA 19 so far?

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It’s almost a certainty that like FIFA 18, FIFA 19 will be powered by the Frostbite engine. While this means we’ll get a good looking game, it also means it’s not likely to be vastly more visually impressive than FIFA 18. 

This could be the year of dynamic weather

The Frostbite engine does dynamic weather pretty well, so it’s somewhat surprising that we haven’t seen it in FIFA just yet. This, however, could be the year for that.

While dynamic weather can sometimes just seem like a pretty effect, we’ve seen it used in other titles to really change the way you play. It’s been used in Pro Evolution Soccer to great effect and it could really bring a whole new layer of tactical thought to FIFA if it’s introduced.

In wet or snowy weather, for example, players could be more prone to slipping; in hot and humid weather they could tire more easily; and in windy weather they could see their speed and passing accuracy suffer. It would make the game more complex and potentially more frustrating, certainly, but it’s the kind of added depth that the FIFA franchise is ready for and it’s possible with Frostbite.

A Nintendo Switch version looks likely

The Nintendo Switch version of FIFA 18 naturally didn’t outsell the other consoles on the market last year and, because it lacked features like The Journey and a full career mode, it received some critical flack. But it did shift enough units to make EA happy, meaning we can probably expect to see another release in 2018.

If there is another version released this year, we hope there are some upgrades that will bring it more in line with the full console versions. Perhaps an improvement in the Switch’s online service will help with that. 

The Journey is likely to return

The Journey has proven to be a hit for FIFA, and we think it’s likely to return in FIFA 19. No doubt we’ll see the story of Alex and Danny continue, which is great, though it be even better to see some more RPG elements come into play this time around. More customization and exploration are always welcome in game modes like this (it’s something NBA 2K18 got right). We’d also like to see a greater sense of choice and consequence in our actions – more subtlety in dialog, and perhaps a more branching story would make The Journey even more engaging.
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